The Founding Philosophy of JTS

If we can build a successful model in the poorest and most desperate environment in the world, even though it may be very small and may take decades to complete, it will someday become a universal model that can be successful anywhere in the world so that it will spread to all parts of the world. Jungto (Pure Land), a world without suffering and a world we all want, will not come by itself, and cannot be made possible by the efforts of one or two people. It will gradually become a reality only when a vast number of people join forces and work together. We wish that the seed we have planted will grow into a big tree that will provide shade to a countless number of people.

A person who h as a dream is h appy. When dreamers come together, they are h appier. A life pursuing such dream together is the h appiest.

These are the basic rights of every human being regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, or religion. However, there are too many people who suffer because their basic human rights are not guaranteed. Amidst this human tragedy, JTS hopes to make a better world by helping those in need and giving them a light of hope.

Introduction of JTS

JTS is an international NGO relief organization with the aim of fulfilling the three goals stated above. JTS operates all around world, especially in Asia, to eradicate famine, disease and illiteracy. It is an international relief organization that has been granted special consultative status by the UN ECOSOC. JTS International, with headquarters in Korea, has 4 branch offices. JTS Korea and JTS America are in charge of fund-raising, while JTS India and JTS Philippines conducts development projects in cooperation with local communities. Since 1999 JTS has carried out relief activities in close cooperation with its branch offices abroad, dispatching field officers to countries around the world that have been hit by a disaster.

The Meaning of JTS

  • Join

    Warm-hearted people
    who wish to help their
    neighbors in need meet

  • Together

    regardless of race, religion,
    ethnicity, gender, or ideology
    join their forces

  • Society

    to work together
    as a group

The Goal of JTS

  • 01

    We wish to practice humanitarianism by helping those in need around the globe, who are not able to receive an education due to poverty and social discrimination and end up leading a life of poverty and disease.

  • 02

    We wish to carry out relief projects to eradicate starvation, disease, and illiteracy in third world countries such as India and the Philippines and to create a global community of people who help each other.

Mission Statement of JTS

JTS carries out relief work in places where there is not enough aid to meet the needs.

JTS encourages voluntary participation of the local people in its relief projects.

JTS relief projects help the local people to become independent.

JTS Projects